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Step 1  |  Inspect the roof

Inspection of roof is carried out looking for any leaks and all broken tiles are replaced with a tile of the same profile.

Step 2  |  High-pressure clean

Using an industrial high pressure cleaner to blast off all mould, grime and dirt eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals to clean the roof. The water can then be recycled from the roof and pumped into your garden or in some cases I may need to disconnect downpipes to comply with some come council regulations. To conclude the roof cleaning gutters will be flushed and exterior of house will be rinsed off leaving your house nice and tidy.

Step 3  |  Rebed ridge capping

Where ridge caps have loosened, Using a bedding frame to align and ensure ridge caps are realigned correctly using a cement mix to adhere to roof.

Step 4  |  Repoint Roof with Flexipoint

 In most cases the ridge cap pointing will need to be repointed over entire roof or in random areas with a new flexible compound to ensure ridge caps do not leak or allow moisture into roof.

Step 5  |  Treat mould and lichen

 Using a Dulux preferred product called Prep Kleen, it is carefully sprayed onto tiles concentrating on the nose of the tile where as it holds more moisture due to not being as exposed to the sun as much as the face of roof tile.

Prep treat is a low toxicity bacterial mould and lichen wash to eliminate any chance of spoilage under new coatings.

Step 6  |  Apply sealer

 Dulux Primer/Surfacer is a waterbased HIGH BUILD acrylic primer specifically created for the concrete roof tile. Unlike most other roof restorers using dangerous solvent based chemical primer that floats around the area while spraying… This not toxic waterbased primer is a great first coast to ensure your old porous tiles are suitably prepared for the two roof membrane coats to follow


Step 7  |  Apply 2 Top Coats

 Using an airless spray gun which minimizes over spray and maximises thickness of coates!Two final top coats of Dulux 962 Roof Membrane in the colour of your choice will be applied, giving your roof the face lift its needed for years and you the peace of mind knowing your roof is watertight.

Step 8  |  Clean up

Any broken tiles, debris or paint is cleaned up, leaving the work area just as it was found

Step 9  |  Final Inspection

A Final Inspection of the roof will be completed to ensure customer satisfaction and Dulux backed 10 year warranty papers will be signed and delivered

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