How to choose the right colour for my property?

Choosing the right colour scheme sets the mood for a room. It’s important to choose one or two colours throughout the interior of the property and then add other accent colors that allows to have different personalities in each room.

A neutral color scheme is not always appropriate. That depends on the house, and the personality of the homeowner. An entire neutral interior can be boring sometimes, but if the furniture or art is colourful is the best option.

If you are struggling choosing a colour scheme for the entire house, you can pick a soft, neutral hue for the main room. That will allow you to choose the other colours easier.

What about bold colours? You need to know that you will probably get tired of bold colors very quickly. The smartest choice is to incorporate a strong, bold colour, as an accent.

Molding, arched doorways, door frames, skirtings, windows, and doors all offer an excellent opportunity to add a feature and other layer of interest to colored walls. You can choose white or paint them just one step lighter or darker than the primary wall colour, and keeping that election for every room. That way, those elements can create continuity throughout the property.

You should also test a patch on the walls, especially if you are unsure about the colour election. Another trick is ask to the painter o paint shop to try a half strength tone of the colour that you picked alongside with the original colour so you can compare which one is best for your walls or even use both in different surfaces.

What kind of finish should I choose for my paint? There are plenty of options on the market. The classic option for ceilings is flat matte paint, but also you can choose a low sheen paint that is appropriate as well. For the walls low sheen and satin are the best choice. Semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes, are best on trims, or the panels of a door. However, today finishes are being used to create visual effects on walls, combining different finishes to put accent on one wall using the same colour but different kinds of paint.