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Exterior painting is an essential part of any house's finish.  Careful preparation and professionally completed paint application

to exterior surfaces can add significant value to your home and protect it from various weather extremes.

 Also paint colours are used to enhance the architectural features of the home

As Professional Painters we use only Quality Paints and materials suitable for the tropical conditions of Brisbane.


Exterior surfaces can include: weatherboards. cedar board, rendered surfaces, brick, garage doors.


Exterior House Cleaning with pressure water cleaner is part of preparation

All exterior painting work is cleaned down with power washing with an Industrial water pressure unit before any paint is applied.

This is to guarantee paint adhesion and to eliminate or reduce surface contamination.


To determine if your exterior surfaces need painting just wipe a rag or finger over a smooth painted area

and if paint chalk comes off, then the current paint has lost its protection capabilities, and will need repainting.

Or subsequently if green or black mould is on the surface, the current paint system on your home could be losing its water proofing properties

and mould could be growing in the old paint surface. Also when you can see bare masonry or wood paint is peeling, cracking or blistering



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